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Zenith Construction is one of the top-rated construction company in Canada.

Zenith Construction provides and handles commercial, residential, and industrial projects within Canada. Our core services are drywall, steel framing, acoustic ceilings, and plastering. We provide all house repairing services under the roof.

Our legendary group is known for turning ordinary places into fashionable and up-to-be-mark powerhouses. Based on years of local and worldwide expertise, we have developed a way to provide our clients with a seamless experience with different portfolios when designing their homes, workspaces, offices, enterprises, and villas.

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Ambitious Studio with a Successful Concept & Ideas

About Studio

The interior design of your dream begins with a concept that is reflected in the blueprints, project plans, in 3D visualizations.

It is possible to make any place more interesting, attractive and functional, for this it is worth to trust the real professionals and then the money will not be spent in a vain; the result will not disappoint.

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Dry wall

Whether you're building or remodeling, you may always seek to simplify your drywall installation project by employing the ideal Drywall contractor in Toronto.

Steel framing

The steel frame is a cost-effective, code-compliant solution to many of the constraints that builders encounter today when employing traditional building materials.

Acoustical ceiling

Acoustical ceiling tiles are used to help a room soundproof. They are typically constructed of fiberglass and installed by the drop-ceiling method.


Plaster is all around us, and this revolutionary mixture of cement, gypsum, sand, and water is widely utilized in building and construction.

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Our Core Company Values

At Zenith, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality work possible. Our homes and workplaces surroundings create our personalities and have a direct impact on our mood and energy. With this in mind, we complete projects with meticulous attention to detail. We make your dream design a reality at Zenith.
Honesty, integrity, and moral correctness will be at the forefront of our business practices. We will not put our employees, customers, or organization at risk. All of our clients are treated with respect and fairness.
Safety isn’t merely a priority for us; it’s ingrained in our attitude. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our personnel and the general public. We include safety into every element of our work and stick to it. We aspire towards zero incidents at Zenith.
We keep our promises to our customers and staff. We are accountable for doing our tasks on schedule and at a high standards. We understand that our clients, workers, and the company rely on us to fulfill our responsibilities at Zenith. We shall go to every length to keep our promises, even if it is inconvenient or difficult.
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What People Say

“My husband and I are grateful that we were able to find a firm like Zenith to remodel our home because we were afraid of being taken advantage of. Since both of my children are home-schooled, we hired Zenith to remove the artificial ceiling and break the walls to make more room in the house rather than doing it ourselves. A task of this magnitude should be left to the experts. Zenith Construction is highly recommended for any construction needs.”
Kristina Lee
“I make a living by flipping houses for a profit. It's been five years since I first began flipping houses. Zenith was suggested to me by a friend recently, and I used their services to refurbish a house I had purchased. The procedure went smoothly, and the house turned out to be even nicer than I had hoped. The house was sold in less than a week for a substantial profit.”
Pablo Gusterio
“My employer provided me with a small budget to renovate my office. Zenith kept their word and delivered exactly what they promised. I had no idea my office could be so much nicer with such a small expense.”
Anna Paulina
interior sketch
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Basic Plan

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per m2

  • Structure of a project
  • Measurement of the room
  • 3D-Visualization of premises
  • Dismantling plan
  • Scheme of interior finishing
  • Floor & celling plan
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maximal Plan

$ 49

per m2

  • Structure of a project
  • Measurement of the room
  • 3D-Visualization of premises
  • Dismantling plan
  • Scheme of interior finishing
  • Floor & celling plan
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[ Interior Designer ]

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Christina Torres

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