Acoustic Plasterboard

Is Acoustic Plasterboard Effective?

When constructing a house, plasterboard use to form a wall. Sheetrock or drywall is the term used in other nations. Acoustic plasterboard is thicker and denser than standard plasterboard because it keeps noise out. Several varieties of acoustic plasterboard incorporate an additional layer of soundproof material to improve their effectiveness. Others have a more dense […]

advantages of steel framing

What Are The Advantages Of Steel Framing?

After decades of development, structural steel has always been the preferred flexible building material for many construction companies. Steel framing offers multiple advantages, which is why many architects and constructors prefer structural steel to other materials such as concrete and wood. Regarding design freedom, structural integrity, and ease of maintenance, structural steel is the obvious […]

Double Plasterboard Reduce Noise

Does Double Plasterboard Reduce Noise?

Double Plasterboard Reduce Noise? Plasterboard is used to form a wall when constructing a house. Sheetrock or drywall is used in other nations; acoustic plasterboard is thicker and denser than standard plasterboard because it is designed to keep noise out. Furthermore, more types help with noise or other issues: Fire Resistant While plasterboard is naturally […]


What are some disadvantages of steel framing?

Steel building framing is used extensively in almost every industry, primarily due to the multiple advantages that steel framing brings. Yet, as with everything else, there are some disadvantages of steel framing to using a steel deck and steel stud framing in construction. Additional Cost of Fireproofing Steel members are incombustible, although their strength is […]