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Build a House in Canada 2022: While it may be easier to just buy a home that has already been made. However, does it justify you giving up on your dream home? A home that’s only catered to your interests and makes you feel like you’re at home, the one you always wanted but were too scared to look into. Well, if you’ve reached this far to look into it, here at zenith construction, we’re here to advise and support you all the way. First and foremost, there are several factors to look into before estimating a total for your dream house.

Such factors are:

The type of home you’re interested in

One of the main things to look into first is, the kind of home you want to build. This brings in the size which then helps determine the price. To help you understand, an example of this would be considering the cost per square foot, which then helps us bring a rough estimate. Another way to tell is whether the home is a single-story or two-story since the size difference is evident. A two-story house would possibly cost more since more supplies will be needed. Especially if you want more bedrooms and bathrooms. As well as the exterior matters as well, if you plan on having a backyard, deck, or pool, it will cost more.

Regulations and Permits for Build House in Canada

Build a House in Canada 2022: Moreover, after figuring out the type of house you want, it is very crucial to check into the laws and regulations within the area of where you want the house to be. Whatever plan you may come up with has to be approved by the government as there are certain permits that are needed and regulations that every homeowner has to follow. Therefore, getting a permit is extremely important before even starting to think about construction. After everything is approved, there will most likely be an inspection to make sure everything is going according to regulation. This is where Zenith’s role as a reliable construction company also comes in. We will also maintain and keep everything up to code, to ensure your dream house becomes real.

Location for Build a House

Apart from the type of house, the place or location where the house is made also affects the price. Especially if it’s located in main cities, the cost of labor and materials will definitely impact the price as you are likely to pay more. However, if you work your way around it and are lucky enough to find a spot that requires low cost because it’s a bit far from the city, it will ease your expenses and help you manage them more. Therefore it is really important to look at the location before getting into construction. An example of this would be, building a house in Vancouver would be far more expensive than building one in Montreal.


Finding the right construction contractor can be very tricky, which is where we come in. zenith construction will help you with all the services you need. We will guide you with the plans and also aid in what seems to be most advisable and cheaper for you. As a construction company in Canada, we believe it is our duty to make this process as seamless as it can be for you.


The most important and highest cost would most probably be Land. Major factors need to be looked into before purchasing land. If you are buying a vacant lot, the land needs to be checked to see if it is sloping or has boulders, trees that need to be removed. This has a cost on its own. In addition to this, if the lot already has a house on it, the payment to remove that house should also be kept into account. There can’t be construction unless the whole former property is demolished properly.

Materials used

Build a House in Canada 2022 that is considered while making up a budget, depending on the area you want a home in. There will be extra charges for certain materials such as brick homes are expensive and have more value. However, chances of mold are very high especially if the location has humid or damp. The most common material to go for would be wood which is very common in Canada. As it can help with insulation since preparation for extremely low temperatures is very much needed. Not only insulation but it can also be extremely cost-effective to opt for wood.
Therefore, upon researching these factors, it should certainly help with your budget and help you come up with an estimate. If you still are not satisfied and need a rough estimate keeping area and per square foot in mind. This Table will also guide you:

Average Home Building Costs in Canada (Per Square Foot)

Home Type Production Single-Family Home (Stock Home Plans) Custom-Built Single-Family
Vancouver   $145 – $260 $430 – $1090
Calgary   $125 – $185 $405 – $860
Edmonton $130 – $185 $405 – $860
Winnipeg   $125 – $190 $410 – $860
Toronto/GTA   $115 – $215 $400 – $900
Ottawa/Gatine   $120 – $195 $435 – $910
Montreal   $105 – $180 $390 – $800
Halifax   $90 – $150 $250 – $500

Source for the Table (


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